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In 2024, our team of Houston maritime lawyers at Cobos Law is dedicated to serving injured marine personnel, ensuring they receive the compensation they deserve. The maritime industry is inherently risky, with its own unique challenges and dangers, making it one of the most perilous professions on Earth. This sector, also known as the “Semen” industry, is recognized for its exceptional risk factors.

When sailors embark on boats or ships, they expose themselves to work-related injuries. The courts are well-acquainted with these incidents that frequently occur at sea. Our Houston-based personal injury law firm has always been at the forefront, advocating for the rights and well-being of injured sailors on the high seas. Your safety matters, and we’re here to help protect it.”

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Maritime law grants injured marine workers the right to seek compensation for work-related issues, serving as the foundation for all sailors worldwide.

In 2024, if you’re a sea sailor who has been injured at sea, it’s crucial to reach out to a Houston Maritime Attorney well-versed in these intricate regulations. If you’ve suffered injuries in the maritime industry, don’t hesitate to contact our Personal Injury Lawyers. We are committed to fighting for your rightful compensation.

Marine Law & Maritime Injury Cases ?

The Admiralty Act, a vital legal framework, is in place to assist injured sailors in their recovery from work-related injuries. Without such provisions, injured sailors would bear the burden of addressing the hardships resulting from their workplace injuries. When a member of a marine crew falls ill or sustains an injury, it is the shipowners’ responsibility to provide compensation, not only to the affected individual but also to their family. This comprehensive support is known in maritime advocacy as “Maintenance & Treatment for Injured Candidates.”

In 2024, Houston Maritime Attorneys understand that this commitment means employers must cover the cost of an illness or injury until the employee achieves full recovery. This duty is recognized by the courts as an essential obligation for any employer operating a ship at sea.

Furthermore, in the maritime sector, sailors are entitled to full pay for the duration of their cruise during which they were ill or injured. In most cases, the specifics of this entitlement are outlined in their employment contracts.

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In order for a maritime attorney to succeed in a claim, they must demonstrate negligence on the part of the shipowner or a co-worker. Even if the deceased had some responsibility for their own demise, compensation may still be considered for the victim’s family.

Some Common Off-Shore Injuries

Working at sea can pose various risks, and injuries are unfortunately not uncommon. Here is a list of some of the most prevalent injuries that can occur while working in maritime occupations:

  1. Fractured Finger, Hand, Arm, Leg, Foot, or Back
  2. Compartment Syndrome
  3. Crushed Finger, Hand, Arm, Leg, or Foot
  4. Deep Cuts or Lacerations
  5. Drowning or Near-Drowning
  6. Back and Neck Injuries, including Herniated Discs and Strains
  7. Loss of Limb
  8. Lung Issues, such as Pleural Disease
  9. Torn Muscles, Tendons, or Ligaments
  10. Exposure to Toxic Chemicals
  11. Traumatic Brain Injury

These injuries are a serious concern for those in maritime professions, and it’s essential to be aware of the risks and take appropriate safety measures to prevent them.”

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